Jesse Franke
February 10, 1983 - March 7, 2013
For those of you who know have known us over the years you most likely got to meet our kid, Jesse Franke.  Jesse entered our lives when he was only 14 and from that point on, he and his family became our family.  Jesse traveled with Peter on the road and stayed at home with Trina.  He was a step beyond what anyone could ever imagine.  If you were lucky enough to meet Jesse, you know how kind, gentle and truly special he was.  He touched so many people with his warmth... it's like when you met Jesse a little part of him stayed with you always...

Jesse was a once in a lifetime person, his zest for life, his ability with the horses and the amount of love he showed each and everything he touched will not be forgotten. He truly was a magical spirit with a sense of old world wisdom, and always ready for whatever the day would bring. Jesse defines integrity, loyalty and a sense of family that will never be replicated.  Many people have said how much he was loved by us and how we helped create his wonderful life, but I just can't help but think we didn't help him...He helped us much more than we'll ever know or comprehend.

Words truly cannot describe the soul and spirit of our son, we just have to believe that he is up above riding bridle horses and he no longer needs to worry about the feet, they all have wings now. Both Peter and myself look forward to the day we ride again across the meadow and see that mischievous smile across his handsome face.

There are no words to this tragedy, this young man was taken much too soon and he leaves behind a wife and soon to be born child. I do know that if anyone has any pictures of Jesse over the years if you can email them to trc@wildblue.net we would appreciate it.  There is also going to be a memorial fund set up, more information will be available at a later date.

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